UDK for Architecture Visualization Arch 403 Iowa State University

finally got around to uploading a video of last semester’s successful UDK architecture visualization experiment.

For studio during the 2012 Fall semester at Iowa State University my team project explored how a building can be designed for sound. In order to present our thinking we decided to make use of UDK’s immersive capabilities. Many of the sounds you hear are recorded from the site in Boston, including the guitar player.

The design has various installations and the site works to filter out city noise.

Building geometry was imported from Revit as .FBX, installations from Sketchup

I only had two sleepless weeks to learn how to use UDK and build the environment, so I apologize for it being fairly rough. Would love to see this technology explored more and similar capabilities integrated into Revit. Thanks to everyone who has videos on YouTube, they were all very inspiring.

North End Music Center

Fall Semester 2012

Project Design:
Lauren Deshler and Bryan Mock

Bryan Mock

Thanks for viewing!