Detrius, a printer for quick notes

Perhaps you have heard of the nascent trend of the tiny printer. I was sitting around wondering if there was a quick way to print notes and highlights from ebooks and websites, maybe even some quick drawings that I could tape into my sketchbooks or leave around. A quick search revealed that there is in fact a way. There are others out there looking to grab information from the internet without using a noisy space hog, or using a whole 8.5 x 11 sheet (granted you can feed smaller paper into a typical printer, but it’s just not as awesome).

Go Free Range has an excellent project which makes it easy to print content from the internet. BERG also has a more complete product for sale.

I like making things and wanted an excuse to dive into arduino, so I went the Go Free Range route using a printer from adafruit. It was very easy to set up and soon I was able to send text to my little printer! Only problem was that the printer was printing gibberish. Trouble shooting led to the conclusion was that the printer was faulty, so I sent for a new one.

Here is a shot of the printer assembly


In the coming weeks I’ll install the new printer and begin making a case for the printer. Two routes I’m looking at are

DSC_2902.JPGVia a great instructable here

Or This concrete beast I designed

mini thermal printer title page


I got the printer working. If you you like to send a message to my printer go to and type it in!