Multitouch Drafting Table

 We are now deep into summer and I am also deep into the process of building a multi-touch table for aiding in my coursework next semester. The table has been a dream for a few years, but thanks to the people over at I am finally feeling ready to build the thing.

First some specs:

  • The table uses a technique called Rear DI,
  • Epson VS310 Projector,
  • Logitech C910 Webcam,
  • 1/8″ Acrylic,
  • 3 mirrors,
  • lots of Ir illumination.

The table surface is a continuous piece of 30″ x 60″ acrylic coated with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint so I will have plenty of area to do sketches and scratch notes. Since it is continuous, I’ll have no fear of getting chalk dust beneath the projected image.

My hope is to use this as a stepping stone into developing better digital tools for designers. With this I will be able to physically draw on a Photoshop canvas so that sketches are natively digital. I have also seen some plugins and programs that will allow multi-touch gestures and controls within SketchUp, Revit, etc, and that is really exciting.
The build will be complete before this coming fall semester begins on August 20th, and I will provide updates as the project progresses. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.