I am frustrated with the current means of accessing digital knowledge and with the transition between analog and digital in general. Physical knowledge is being converted into digital mediums at an increasing rate, be it a book scanned to a PDF, or something as complex as a building plan being designed entirely in CAD. There is an unprecedented amount of information becoming available to everyone. However, we are faced with the growing issue of retrieving this information when it is useful and convenient. Mediated Reality strategies add to the challenge by not only allowing information to enter the digital space but our presence and vice versa as the digital enters our physical space. It is widely recognized that current tools are inadequate for both challenges.

Burning the Library was created to explore  issues and developments involved with mediating the thick barrier between physical and digital. The focus will be on digital design and collaboration tools useful for design or architecture applications, but hopefully the topics will be useful in a general sense.

The burning of the famous Library of Alexandria by fire lead to a destruction of vast amounts of information and progress. This burning is by electron, and rather than a tool of destruction, opens the world to the vast amounts of knowledge it contains. We only need the proper interfaces, and they are coming.