UDK for Architecture Visualization Arch 403 Iowa State University

finally got around to uploading a video of last semester’s successful UDK architecture visualization experiment. For studio during the 2012 Fall semester at Iowa State University my team project explored how a building… Continue reading

Detrius, a printer for quick notes

Perhaps you have heard of the nascent trend of the tiny printer. I was sitting around wondering if there was a quick way to print notes and highlights from ebooks and websites, maybe… Continue reading

Recommended Read

Got this book during the holidays and recommend it highly for anyone looking for future trends or new areas to apply design skills. It is valuable to all design fields as it contains… Continue reading

Multitouch Drafting Table

 We are now deep into summer and I am also deep into the process of building a multi-touch table for aiding in my coursework next semester. The table has been a dream for a… Continue reading

A Quick Post of Two Free Resources

Did a quick search for “best podcasts for learning code” in google and came across this. Filtering the list for courses relevant to human computer interaction will lead you to these two sources.  

Take Two on the Future of the Book

Co.Design recently posted two articles within a few days of each other which play off each other in an interesting way. The first argues for new user interfaces to be designed as something new, without relying on old… Continue reading

Ambiguity in Design: Part One

In this first part of Ambiguity in Design I will talk about why ambiguity is important to designers and how current CAD programs are inadequate for early sketch design. Par two will explore… Continue reading

The Spectrum

Reality. Everything that is. This, according to Schnabel, even includes a thing that has or has not been “created, designed, observable or comprehensible,” you could argue that this includes images or information generated by the control of… Continue reading


I am frustrated with the current means of accessing digital knowledge and with the transition between analog and digital in general. Physical knowledge is being converted into digital mediums at an increasing rate, be… Continue reading

The Burning

Like all men of the Library, I have traveled in my youth. I have journeyed in search of a book, perhaps of the catalogue of catalogues; now that my eyes can scarcely decipher… Continue reading